Vote in Ohio's Primary Election by April 28



I'm sure you've heard by now that the "Primary Elections" are by "Mail-in-only" through April 28, 2020.  

The  Ohio General Assembly has enacted a plan to extend voting by mail in  Ohio's Primary from March 17, 2020 through April 28, 2020.  

With  the step of going to the website to obtain your ballot, I fear many  people won't take the step to download their ballot, and then take it to  the Post Office.  

We need to encourage everyone (especially African-Americans) in our individual circles to vote.  Many candidates are depending on our vote. 

We need to provide "Information and Encouragement" in getting people to vote.  Currently, the "Voting Process" is a multi-step process.  It requires:

1.  An internet connection.

2.  A Computer or Smartphone.

3.  A Printer.

4.  Postage (to send / mail your absentee request; send your ballot in).

      We as Masons, Eastern Stars, Nobles, Daughters, Companions, Fraters,  etc. need to assist those who do not have items one through four (1 -  4) above. 

If  you are one who does not have items one through four (1 - 4)  above  (and you are in the order), please contact your Worshipful Master,  Worthy Matron, 

or anyone one who has the knowledge and equipment for assistance.  

Lastly, please share this information with anyone that you know can vote!

Below is a direct link to the Ohio Board of Elections and you can download the form from your county BOE website.  

This is where you get your application for Absentee Voting. Complete and mail it in ASAP and they will send you a ballot

With a postage paid envelope to return to the Board of Elections.

State of Ohio Board of Elections - County Websites


Right Worshipful Lonnie Jones II

Grand Lodge Development Fund

Vice Chairman

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Greetings Brothers and Sister of the Craft

As you know every election is important and as we approach a critical season for our community it’s imperative that we continue in the fight.  We must deny the trend and generate motivated informed voters.   

Historically in 2019, The Voter Awareness committee was actively in involved in various ways throughout the state of Ohio. I am providing a recap of the work in the 1st District in Ohio and next steps.   

The Voter Awareness campaign of Cincinnati in October hosted two forums. We would first like to thank those that were able to attend and hope that you received information that assisted you when you went to the polls on November 5th.  We also had two request for membership petition during the forums. The first forum, October 14th, was our Public School Board Race which 100% of the candidates participated in a highly contested race.    The second forum, October 21st, was the Judicial Forum of which 4 district races are in the bare knuckle brawl stage.   The biggest contested seat was the seat of our brother Honorable Fanon Rucker 33 PM POV 95.    We had strong turnout of ten Judicial candidates attending with only one unable to participate.  Each of these forums were live streamed and pod cast to the community.  Nathan Ivey of the Nathan Ivey show conducted live interviews after the events.

We had many in the attendance that unfortunately are not captured in the group photo (see are Mason and OES members).  MWPGM Sidney D Broadnax, Jr. has been a staple presence at all the forums along with MWPGM Kelvin J Davis and RW Deputy Lecturer Jason V House who are my huge support system.  Special shout to our team of folks that show up and help get it done, PM Charles O’Bannon, SW James Johnson Jr, PM Ernest Farrier, WM Irvin Carney, SS Darrin Whitehead, as well as our Grand Photographer Eddie Joiner.

The Cincinnati Committee is currently working in conjunction with the NAACP, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC and Community Action Agency.   

We don’t just want voting we want knowledgeable voters!  Our next step is to collect the candidate information for the 2020 Primary and host a forum for those candidates.   

Prior to the primary we will be reaching out to you to assist with registration and owning your precinct.   We have to take charge of the ground team action.   


Right Worshipful David CS Whitehead PM Gothic 122

Voter Awareness Committee