STATE OF OHIO INC


                                                                                             From the office of

                                                              THE MOST VALIANT GRAND MASTER COUNSELOR

                                                                                            Mr. Brian Ellis

“Listen,think, Act “

To start, I would like to thank my parents and advisors. For staying on me for 7 years

making sure that all my priorities were straight and I was brought to every event and

meeting. I would especially like to thank every companion for giving me a reason to

come back each and every year. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for every last

companion, advisor, mother advisor, and girls assembly.

Listen, Think, and Act each one of these words means a lot in everyday life. (Listen- to

pay attention and hear something with thoughtful attention). By listening and taking

everybody's advice and knowledge it can bring you a long way in life and make you very

successful. Listening to your advisor can bring you a long way too Because no advisor

is going to lead you in the wrong direction even if you don’t think so.

To Think you must have a particular opinion, belief, or idea about someone or

something. Thinking is something you do every day, it’s basically the core to life.

Listening is the thought process of thinking. This year I want that to be the goal forever

companion, think before you speak and act and see where it gets you in life.

Act-“ take action; do something”. Make sure in life when you take action it’s for a

purpose and a good purpose. I know personally that I don’t think before I take action in

what I’m doing or what I’m about to say, it’s not going to get anywhere if you don’t.

All 3 of these words play a major role with each other. You always want to listen to

what’s being said and not block out what you think is not important. Also, think before

you act, think about what consequences will come when you take that action. I

guarantee if you listen and think about your actions before you make them, you will and

can achieve lots of things in life and maybe you will be able to hold my position as Most

Valiant Grand Master Councilor.

Humbly submitted by,


Brian Ellis

Most Valiant Grand Master Counselor – 2019-2020 




Most Valiant Grand Master Counselor  Companion Brian Ellis, ellisb@hoban.org

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Companion Jordan Young

Pythagorans Youth Program

The Order of Pythagorans is an organization for boys, from the ages of 10 through 18. It is sponsored by and under the supervision of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ohio.

It was instituted in Ohio on April 11, 1945, and was named after Pythagorus, who was a noted Greek philosopher and mathematician, who traveled extensively throughout many continents in search of higher learning and knowledge.

Membership is not limited to sons or relatives of Freemasons, but to any boy of good character in the proper age range. He may be recommended by a Master Mason, Eastern Star, a fellow Pythagoran or anyone who feels that our program will benefit a particular young man. The Order of Pythagorans is not a Junior Masonic Order, but is merely under Masonic supervision.

The paramount aim of the Order is to serve the Youth of our community with a well organized and supervised program to promote health, social activity, educational, vocational, character, and all-around development of boys throughout Ohio, while building better sons of today, and men of tomorrow.

The Ritual is the focal point of all of the Order's programming. Through it, the candidate in his initiation into the Order is presented impressive lessons. This investiture thus attempts to symbolize and teach Reverence for God, Love and Honor his Parents, Righteous Thinking, Purity, Patriotism, Toleration, Courtesy, Personal Health, Education, Friendship and Constancy. A Pythagoran’s aim is to become a better son, a better youth and citizen than ever before.

The Companions hold meetings in what are called "Chapters". Each Chapter is sponsored by one or more Lodges, that provide advisors from their own Lodge membership. These Chapters, throughout the state, are divided into two Districts. Each District has an annual district meeting and all of the Chapters in the State meet annually for a Grand Session which lasts three days. Many workshops, athletic activities and awards programs are held at these District Meetings and Grand Sessions. Also at the Grand Session the Companions participate in the election of new Grand Chapter Officers, a recognition banquet, an awards banquet, sports competition, talent show, oratorical contest, a Coronation Ball and Divine Service. 



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